Border Crossing Frenzy!

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina – View from the Stari Most

After much intense deliberation, we decided the best way to see the area was via a rental car. There wasn’t much in the way of consistent bus scheduling (and often times, you have to purchase the tickets in person. I’m too much of a planner to not get slight anxiety at the idea of not having tickets in hand before going on a trip with a somewhat rigid schedule) and lack of consistent train availability. Overall, I’m glad that we decided to rent a car and see the region at our own pace.

On our last morning in Split, we picked up our rental car in the late morning. We decided to take a detour to Mostar on our way to Dubrovnik, as Mostar was one of our “must sees” for the trip. The trip through the Croatian and Bosnian (or, I guess technically  Herzegovinian?) countryside was fantastic. The drives was one of the highlights of the trip, seeing small towns and villages, with minarets and colored domes, while driving through the mountains. Here is the gorgeous view from one of the numerous scenic roadside stops that were available on the drive (and photos don’t do it justice):

A drive through Croatia

We were only in Mostar for a few hours to grab lunch and see the famous Stari Most (a.k.a. the Old Bridge). The bridge and historic town were nice, albeit a bit crowded. It appeared that some folks were planning to dive from the bridge, but they didn’t end up doing so (at least while we were there!). We checked out the bridge from the river banks, then followed up by walking across. The bridge was definitely super slippery. Luckily, there were ridges along it, or I would have slipped!

From the little I saw of the town, it reminded me a lot of Prizren, Kosovo (the mountains, the river, the stone bridge, the minarets!); Mostar had the benefit of more greenery with a natural river bank.

We enjoyed the views, snapped some photos, and continued onto Dubrovnik. Our visit was quick, and I’m definitely looking forward to returning and seeing more of Mostar, and of Bosnia and Herzegovina in general, in the future.

Let’s recap the day so far: departed Split, entered Bosnia and Herzegovina. Departed Mostar, re-entered Croatia. Re-entered Bosnia (and drove past Neum and along Bosnia’s 12 miles of coastline) before re-entering Croatia. Which is a long winded way to say, “Wow! I’ve never crossed this many borders in a single day in my life.” And probably, never again). A border crossing frenzy.

The drive along the Adriatic Coast was beautiful – the mountainous terrain, the islands dotting the sea… The small towns with their red roofs and harbors. The drive was fantastic and the small towns seemed like the perfect escape to take a quiet and relaxing vacation. Maybe someday!


Right before sunset, we finally arrived.

Welcome to Dubrovnik!