Copenhagen’s Paper Island

Our last full day in Copenhagen started with a trip to Paper Island (Papirøen), which is a waterfront warehouse that was transformed into a food truck/cafeteria haven. We arrived right when the doors were opening, so the food truck owners were still busy prepping food stations and getting ready to serve their daily fare. We took the first 15 minutes to walk around and research our choices (and there were a ton of choices of global food – Korean, Brazilian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican) before settling on some vegetarian-friendly “toastie” sandwiches. There was plenty of seating (especially in the early afternoon) and we enjoyed seeing the global influences and decorations crammed into a small area.

A little too early for cocktails…
Monkeebutt mojitos and cocktails

After grabbing some Icelandic-inspired pancakes and coffee to warm up, we headed over to Amalienborg and Frederik’s Church. The day was cloudy and rainy, so we limited our time outside of the Palace and quickly scurried indoors to check out the Frederik’s Church, or “the marble church,” as it’s known. Don’t get me wrong, I love checking out palaces and castles but after seeing 3 others in Denmark, the interiors were starting to run together.

Frederik’s Church


We arrived at the Church right as it was opening, so it was very peaceful inside and we were able to take our time admiring the marble architecture and artwork inside.

The rain let up, allowing us to stroll through the city and check out cute shops and grab some smoothies from Joe and the Juice. I grabbed some postcards to send to friends and family back home, and had enough self-control to not buy too many Moomin products. 🙂

Cute, colorful post-rain stroll