Kotor, Montenegro: The City Walls & A Small Trip to Budva

The weather was absolutely perfect during our stay in Kotor. We woke up on our third day, ready to conquer the City Walls. When I first arrived at Kotor, I questioned why one would build walls up the side of a mountain to protect the city below. When I climbed said walls, I really wondered why one would build walls up the side of a mountain. Its actual function and usefulness to protect a city aside… (maybe someone can explain it to me), it was nice spending the day outside, enjoying the weather, and enjoying a leisurely walk.

Old Town Kotor and the Bay from the City Walls

To me, the climb wasn’t difficult. But I would suggest going up at a reasonably cautious pace. There are stairs, but they are fairly narrow and congested by the crowds traveling in both directions. Often times, people had to step aside onto the rock or gravel paths to pass a group of travelers using the stairs. I could not imagine how some tourists were walking up the paths with flip flops. The bottom of my feet hurt just thinking about it! All in all, it took about 30 to 45 minutes to hike all the way up.

Still, the views were quite nice. I preferred the views of the Old Town from about halfway up, since you could see the entire city. Once you get to the top, you get excellent bay views, but the city is a little bit hidden due to the angles. There was also excellent mountainous scenery behind us.

Mountain views at the top of the City Walls

After trekking up the mountain, we decided to spend the rest of our day checking out Budva and finding the famous Sveti Stefan. While the island was beautiful, it was uneventful since it’s limited to people staying at the resort. There were groups of people standing at the road scenic outlook point, snapping photos of the island below.

Sveti Stefan

We got caught in a rain storm and found a little tavern to have lunch, so it was still a nice, albeit slightly uneventful outing. I am sad that we didn’t get to experience more of Budva, so I just have to add it onto our “for when we return to Montenegro” list. The drive between Kotor and Budva was nice; we found a little backroad and got to see some cool clouds hovering over the mountains. Oh, and Budva’s newest waterpark… 🙂



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