Kotor, Montenegro: Arrival Day!

The drive from Dubrovnik to Kotor was stunning. The most gorgeous landscape I’ve ever seen in my life. Well, rather than describe the landscape (which I cannot do justice), I’ll show you:

Drive along the Bay of Kotor

The drive was absolutely spectacular and around every bend was another perfect view. I wanted to stop every 10 feet and snap another photo. When we first saw the bay, our initial thought was “we cannot wait to get back here!” Even for such a stunning drive, the roads were uncrowded. Just us and the open road.

We arrived to Old Town Kotor in the afternoon. The Old Town struck me as a lot more gritty, and some describe it as more “authentic” than Dubrovnik. An easy web search on both towns will show that people like to compare the two walled cities. I think they both have something to offer. Each town is geared toward tourists, mostly with restaurants, hotels, hostels, and souvenir shops. Dubrovnik was larger (and actually had street signs) and was more “pristine” and well-maintained than Kotor. I felt Kotor was more relaxed, and while the Old Town itself wasn’t as glamorous as Dubrovnik, Kotor’s bay views were incredible. To me, both places are worth seeing, so I’m lucky that they’re close enough to one another. 🙂

Kotor’s Old Town
St. Tryphon Cathedral

In the afternoon, we walked to the docks and decided to go on a two-hour sailing trip to check out Perast, Our Lady of the Rocks, and Ostrvo Sveti Đorđe. The ride was amazing; we enjoyed a nice breeze, enjoyed the 360 degree views, and circled both islets at a close distance. One of us (hint: not me) took a refreshing dip (too cold for me! 🙂 and was dragged behind the sail boat with a rope. We watched the cruise ships depart from the Bay, and enjoyed our sail trip back to the town, while listening to Montenegro folk music, as the sun started to set.



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