Farewell Split!

Split Pazar

On our last day in Split we decided to stroll around the town and pay a visit to the Split Pazar (also known as the Green Market). Located right outside of the Palace walls, the market had rows of stalls selling food, canned goods (honey!), clothing, accessories, and numerous other knick-knacks. We didn’t buy anything, but we enjoyed looking around and people watching.

Split at night

While exploring the shopping in the underground market stalls, we found ourselves at the entrance to the Diocletian’s Palace basement halls and decided to check them out. The interior was pretty sparse, with some artifacts and sculptures spread among the rooms. Still, it was pretty cool to see the vast underground area and to imagine what the original palace used to look like. There were some plaques that described the basement excavations, but the overall there was minimal information. I think that perhaps a walking or audio tour would have helped put the network of rooms into context. Also, a photo or traditional museum exhibit would have been a welcome addition – what better location could there be for a museum?

The Palace underground

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