Trogir, Croatia

While in Split, we were debating whether to take a day trip to Hvar Island or nearby Trogir. Trogir was the winner, when taking into account that some ferries and catamarans take hours to get to Hvar. Not wanting to be tied down to ferry schedules (and reading about how lovely Trogir is), we decided to opt for Trogir and added Hvar to the list of “Things to See Next Time We’re In Croatia.” (Hopefully my crystal ball shows Croatia in my future.)

trogir_seaside.jpgWe arrived by a regional bus from Split’s bus terminal. The bus was inexpensive and very comfortable, and since it was a regional bus – we were the first stop!

Trogir did not disappoint. Our first stop was a stroll along the Promenade to find a lunch spot. There was no shortage of restaurants; we ended up enjoying risotto and lemonade, enjoying the summer breeze and water views.

After lunch, we continued down the rest of the promenade, stopping at Venetian-built Kamerlengo Castle. The castle was pretty basic , but we still enjoyed it. There wasn’t anything inside of the castle. We climbed and circled around the castle walls, making our way to the top to enjoy the views over the town.

View from the top of Kamerlengo

For the rest of the day, we spent time exploring the winding town alleys. We found it a welcome reprieve from Split’s bustling town center. We were able to walk most of the town without running into anyone. We checked out boutique stores, food shops, and souvenir stands. Overall, we found the town leisurely, which was lucky for us since we hear that it’s usually much more crowded due to its small size. The threat of rain likely scared others away. 😉


trogir_alley.jpgWe wanted to take the ferry boat back to Split, however we narrowly missed it (changing seasons and changing ferry schedules!). That would have been a great ride back to town. We could have opted for a taxi, but decided to head back via bus.

Once we returned to the bus station, we selected the next bus back to Split. This bus ended up being one of the local buses (bus number 37). While the bus took double the time (1 hr) compared to our morning regional bus, I enjoyed driving through the parts of Split and its surrounding area that weren’t directly part of the tourist center. Some might describe it as ugly urban sprawl, but I like to see how the locals live (to the extent I possibly can). However, my travel mate could have done without the extra time and numerous stops. 🙂


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